Publication Assistance


Academic journals adhere to stringent publishing criteria, perhaps because they provide a forum for aspiring writers to get recognition for their research. Especially when submitting to an SCI-indexed journal with a high Impact Factor, the probability of rejection on the first submission is rather significant. The alternative option is receiving a massive list of revisions with the phrase "approved with modifications." If you pass journal editors and peer reviewers on the first try, you deserve applause!

By helping you through the publication process, our team of experienced writers and editors can assist you in establishing your academic credibility. Whether you are presenting at an IEEE Conference or submitting a manuscript to a high-impact international journal, our team of experienced consultants is available to provide assistance throughout the journey.

Our Journal Paper Service Includes the Following:

  • Identifying the best-suited journal for your work
  • Selecting a suitable journal for your publication.
  • Composing cover letters for submission
  • Providing support with visual representation and illustrations.