Ovarian Cyst Segmentation in Ultrasound Image

Ovarian Cyst Segmentation in Ultrasound Image


  •   This article will present a filtering technique aimed at reducing speckle noise in ultrasound images.
  •   The proposed work will present a technique for image segmentation that can accurately locate and separate the tumor region.
  •   The presented architecture will be fine-tuned using a meta-heuristic method called Optimization Algorithm to adjust its parameters.
  •   The proposed technique's segmentation stage was evaluated using different performance metrics to compare it with existing models.

  • Description

The ovaries play a crucial role in the female reproductive system by producing eggs. However, the presence of ovarian cysts can result in complications such as torsion, infertility, and cancer. Therefore, it is crucial to diagnose ovarian cysts promptly. Detecting ovarian cysts using ultrasound images is a common practice. However, it can be challenging to separate the cyst regions from the surrounding tissue because of the complex patterns and similar intensities.