Proofreading Services

Proofreading Service


Being confidence in your work is a positive trait, but being overconfident and neglecting to revise may mean trouble. We have worked with a number of aspirants whose PhD Research works were detailed in their presentation of data and numbers, but lacked organization and grammatical correctness. In India, English is often a second language; hence, PhD candidates lag behind in terms of presentation and vocabulary. Grammatical errors, misspellings, and inappropriate citations can result in unsatisfactory grades.Therefore, revision becomes essential prior to submitting any research work.

The Editing Process for Proofreading Services

Here is a brief overview of our editing process in proofreading service

Receive Documents for Editing Proofreading services

The editing process starts once we receive the documents you wish to have edited. You can either send us a hard copy or email the document to us. Our team provides editing services per chapter if desired.

Stating the Revision Dimensions

This will require a butter knife.

Assign Editor

Once the scope of work and delivery date has been determined, an English editor and a consultant with expertise in the subject area are assigned to make the required adjustments. They jointly examine the paper for problems in grammar, spelling, typography, terminology, facts, graphical representation, vocabulary, and organization.

Delivering initial draft

After making revisions and providing further recommendations, we submit the first text that has been updated. Additionally, the length of the thesis is reviewed, and any required reductions are done while maintaining all essential facts.

Client Feedback

The client evaluates and gives comments on the updated paper and proofreading services. The client may return the documents with instructions for more modifications or particular issues.

Prepare Final Draft

On the basis of the received comments, we undertake further editing and incorporate enhancements to the project. The final version is provided on time and before the deadline.

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