UGC Care Journal 2024

What is UGC Care Journal Publication?

UGC Approved Journals are the medium through which you can publish your articles. University Grant Commission will consider your article as valid only when you submit it in the UGC Approved Journals. Note - Any other private journals which are not included in the 2021 List will not be considered valid.

Journal Process for Publication

In UGC Index Publication we follow proper guidelines for Publication. And get highest rate of acceptance.

  • Examine the paper Standard for Publication
  • We make your paper to Journal Standard
  • Find the Exact match Journals from UGC Care Journal Website (Free/Paid)
  • Submit your paper
  • We do Journal Revision
  • Paper Acceptance

UGC Publication is not the easy process. You have to select exact Journal for Paper. UGC Care Journals are varying based high to low payment for Publication. But you don’t worry. We have very experienced team in Publication. They will guide you in UGC Paper Publication.

UGC Care Journal List

Difficulties in UGC Publication

  • Journal Selection
  • Lack in Follow up
  • Predatory Journals

  • But we very much conscious in Journal Selection. We not get rejected a Single paper for the reason "out of Scope".

    We regularly follow all Papers which has been submitted through our organisation. We have Experts team to analyse the complete about journal and their websites.

    Main Reason behind the Paper rejection

  • Lack of Novelty, originality, and presentation of obsolete study.
  • Improper rationale.
  • Unimportant and irrelevant subject matter.
  • Flaws in methodology.
  • Lack of interpretations.
  • Inappropriate or incomplete statistics.
  • Reviewers' field of knowledge and discretion.
  • Inappropriateness for the journal.
  • We have the Experts in all domains to write and publish the article.

    UGC Care Journal List 2024
    UGC Care Journal List 2024
    UGC Care Journal List 2024
    UGC Care Journal List 2024

    The "University Grant Commission-Consortium for the Intellectual as well as the Ethics of Research (UGC-CARE)" aims to promote publication ethics, academic integrity, and outstanding scholarship in Indian universities. It also tries to improve high-quality articles in regarded journals, allowing campuses to rise in global rankings. To avoid publishing in poor quality journals, "UGC-CARE" established and continues to update a reference list of the particular journal for their academic purposes. It was divided into groups that followed to create the list known as the "UGC CARE list".

    The UGC-CARE journal categorizes all types of publications into four distinct classes based on several factors. Group A contains publications indexed by both SCOPUS as well as SCI (Science Citation Index) which comprises SSCI, AHCI, and SCI-Expanded, which encompass a wide range of themes. Group B includes the publications that were already in the UGC-Approved Category and met specific examination procedure criteria. Group C contains publications suggested by UGC-CARE council members from a variety of subjects and recognized based on quantitative criteria. Finally, Group D contains publications in all languages and subjects presented by institutes to UGC-CARE that comply with the necessary analytical requirements.

    These categorizations constitute of enormous amount of progressive approaches that are aimed at aiding educators as well as researchers in selecting credible journals for publishing while also ensuring quality as well as adherence to UGC-CARE's set standards. Each category organizes journals based on indexing, methodological requirements, and suggested changes, allowing for more informed decisions regarding academic publishing as well as research distribution.

    List of Approved Journal Approved

    The ugc care list of journals comprises journals that have been approved by UGC in India to determine the API score, a criterion employed to assess individuals who are seeking teaching positions. The University Grants Commission (UGC) in India maintains a list of approved journals, known as the UGC-CARE List, which is used to evaluate the quality of research publications by Indian universities. The UGC Care list of journals includes certain criteria, such as peer-review, editorial quality, and international reputation. The UGC encourages researchers and faculty members to publish their research in journals that are included in the UGC-CARE List. This is because publications in these journals are considered to be of high quality and are given more weightage in academic evaluations. Therefore, UGC Journal publication refers to the process of publishing research articles or papers in journals that are included in the UGC-CARE List.

    How to check UGC Care approved journals 2024

    We can find journal in UGC care list in 4 simple step,

    Journal Process for UGC Care Publication

    In UGC Index Publication we follow proper guidelines for Publication. And get highest rate of acceptance.

    1. Examine the paper Standard for Publication

    This will be done by our experts in respective fields. Small corrections and requirements will be examined. If any requirements or correction need for publication our experts guide you.

    2. We make your paper to Journal Standard

    If your paper is not in publication standard Our Research team help you in the rewriting your paper.

    3. Find the Exact match Journals from ugc care listed Journals (Free/Paid)

    This is the crucial stage in UGC care listed journals 2024 publication. Choosing wrong journal is lead to delay in Publication. Our Journal experts guide you to choose exact journal from ugc care listed journals 2024.

    4. Formatting

    Paper should be formatted as per the selected UGC care list journal including font, margin, and reference style.

    5. Journal Submission

    Manuscripts are typically submitted online through a journal's submission system. Be sure to follow the instructions carefully and include any required information, such as author names and affiliations.

    6. Resubmissions

    We follow your paper continuously and do all the journal corrections.

    7. Journal Revision

    Our experts guide you to do journal revisions. Also we have experts in all fields to do revisions.

    8. Paper Acceptance

    This is the final stage in Paper publication. Once the manuscript is accepted for publication, the authors will work with the journal's editors to finalize the manuscript and prepare it for publication. This may include copyediting, typesetting, and proofreading. We will guide you till the article Publication. And we have to do proof reading also UGC Publication is not the easy process. You have to select exact Journal for Paper. UGC Journal list are varying based high to low payment for Publication. But you don’t worry. We have very experienced team in Publication. They will guide you in UGC Paper Publication.

    Difficulties in UGC Care list Publication 2024

    Journal selection

    The first step is to choose a journal that is a good fit for the research.Consider factors such as the journal's scope, target audience, and impact factor. We are very much conscious in Journal Selection. We not get rejected a Single paper for the reason "out of Scope".

    Journal selection

    UGC Care list 2023-2024

    1. Journal Category

    UGC care list journal categorised five main divisions. There are Sciences, Social sciences, Arts and Humanities, multidisciplinary and Indian languages. we have choose as per the Paper’s domain. And also we consider.

    2. Scopus/ Web of Science indexing

    The ugc care list 2024 also indicates whether the journal is indexed in Scopus and/or Web of Science, which are considered reputable indexing services.Being indexed in these databases can increase the visibility and credibility of the research

    3. Publication charges

    UGC care list journals have both free and paid journals and also have some low charged journals. We have experienced in both free and paid journal.

    4. Publication frequency

    Researchers should also consider the publication frequency of the journal. Journals that publish frequently may have a quicker turnaround time for review and publication, but may also have lower quality standards. We always thoroughly check journal website and examine the time for review process, publication time for speed up the journal process.

      Lack in Follow up

      After submitting the paper to the journal we have to follow every mail from the submitting UGC care list journal. If we avoid that leads to delay the publication. It also caused some forced to withdrawn from the journal. We regularly follow all Papers which has been submitted through our organisation.

      Predatory Journals/fake journals

      UGC care list journals is the standard platform for journal publication but there is some fake journal websites are there in the name of UGC care list of journals. Authors should aware of them. We have Experts team to analyse the complete about journal and their websites.

    What is a Predatory Journals/fake journal?

    Predatory journals are publications that operate on a fraudulent basis, exploiting the open-access publishing model to make money by charging authors exorbitant fees for publication, without providing adequate editorial or peer-review services. They may use fake impact factors, or falsely claim to be indexed in reputable databases, to attract authors. In many cases, these journals publish substandard or even fraudulent research, damaging the reputation of legitimate scientific publishing.

      How we identify fake journals?

      • Unsolicited email invitations for submissions, often containing errors or misspellings.

      • Lack of transparent peer review and editorial process.

      • Quick publication turnaround times, often within days or weeks of submission.

      • Lack of contact information or unclear ownership of the journal.

      • Repeated requests for payment or hidden fees for publication.

      • Claims of indexing in reputable databases without proof.

      • Poor quality of published articles, with low-quality graphics, grammar and spelling
        errors, and often lack of novelty or relevance.


    The primary goals of UGC CARE are:

    UGC CARE's objectives are to ensure quality, integrity as well as ethical behavior in the publishing business. To begin, the alliance of associations tries to assurance the publications and magazines on its list of publications meet high ethical as well as educational standards. This includes an extensive assessment to ensure that the studied information presented meets the established dependable and excellent standards of quality. Second, UGC CARE addresses abuse of power in educational publishing by identifying and eliminating publications that engage in illegal actions such as paying excessive fees to contributors while providing insufficient editorial as well as peer review services. UGC with CARE focuses on protecting researchers from persecution by promoting accountability and transparency in publication, as well as guaranteeing that instructional work is fair and comprehensive. Finally, UGC CARE encourages ethical investigation processes as well as motivates researchers to uphold integrity and responsibility in their work, thereby increasing the growth of a culture of trust and reliability in academic discourse

    Taking a look in advance, the future possibilities for UGC CARE Publications appear positive by considering the many significant changes planned within the years to come. Improved assurance of quality processes which includes stricter peer evaluation procedures, periodical checks, and ongoing supervision, will be crucial to assuring the highest level of accuracy in studies that are released.

    The open source movement has started to gain popularity and UGC the CARE organization Publications has the goal to contribute to its advancement by making scholarly articles easier to find to a wider audience. Participating in internationally renowned publications and indexing companies would boost and widen the reputations of peer-reviewed journals those are permitting international partnerships as well as enhance the international visibility of Indian research. The concentration on cross-disciplinary investigations will encourage innovation in a wide range of fields by merging computational intelligence with automated learning addresses promises to boost the procedure for publication by increasing its efficiency as well as transparency. Updating ethical norms and engaging in educational and capacity-building efforts can help to protect the validity of research while also improving overall efficacy within the University Grants Commission's CARE approach.

    UGC CARE Publications have a bright future, yet they must overcome some hurdles. Lack of resources may limit their ability to uphold rigorous requirements. Researchers, as well as publishers, may be averse to novel methods and technologies. To address this problem, UGC CARE may seek support from additional groups as well as undertake educational initiatives to promote the benefits of restructuring. Journals must also ensure that investigation from a wide range of areas and subjects is included. Finally, maintaining consistent quality across all publications necessitates continual audits including feedback channels.

    As a whole, UGC CARE Journals have an excellent opportunity to enhance academic publication throughout the nation by emphasizing performance, codes of conduct, and technological advancements. Collaboration between researchers, game retailers, and educational organizations is important to creating a thriving, comprehensive future for academic publishing in India

    What is a Predatory Journals/fake journal?

    While rejection can be disheartening, it is important to remember that it is a common occurrence and does not necessarily reflect on the quality or importance of the research. We can use the feedback from the reviewers to improve their manuscript and resubmit to another journal. It is also possible to appeal the decision and provide a detailed response to the reviewers' comments.

    Main Reason behind the Paper rejection

    We have the Experts in all domains to write and publish the article

    How to search Journal list

    We offered Domains for UGC Publication

    • Social Medicine & Community Health
    • Social Medicine & Community Health
    • Computer Science and Applications
    • Environmental Sciences
    • Tourism Administration and Management
    • Human Rights and Duties
    • Geography
    • Women Studies
    • Tamil
    • English
    • Music
    • Population Studies
    • Public Administration
    • Home Science
    • Defence and Strategic Studies
    • Social Work
    • Social Work
    • Commerce
    • Anthropology
    • History
    • Sociology
    • Psychology
    • Philosophy
    • Political Science
    • Management (including Business Admn. Mgt./Marketing/ Marketing Mgt./Industrial Relations and Personnel Mgt./ Personnel Mgt./Financial Mgt./Co-operative Management)
    • Economics / Rural Economics /Co-operation / Demography / Development Planning/ Development Studies/Econometrics/ Applied Economics/Development Eco./Business Economics

    Keep up with Best experts Be the first and get the best result in journal.


    The UGC Care journal list 2024 are considered to be of high quality and meet certain academic and publication standards. To discuss topics suitable for UGC Care list journals, you should focus on scholarly and research-oriented subjects. Here are some potential topics that could be discussed in such journals:

    •   Original Research Studies
    •   Literature Reviews
    •   Case Studies
    •   Meta-Analyses and Systematic Reviews
    •   Comparative Studies
    •   Interdisciplinary Research
    •   Emerging Technologies
    •   Technology and Society
    •   Sustainability and Environmental Studies
    •   Health and Medical Sciences
    •   Educational Research
    •   Socio-economic Studies
    •   Cultural and Linguistic Studies
    •   Political Science and International Relations
    •   Psychology and Behavioral Sciences

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